Brabantia Flame Lighter

This flame lighter is ideal in the kitchen for cooking, but also suitable for lighting candles, cigarettes, and open fires. It can be easily refilled with ordinary lighter or butane gas. Available in grey and terracotta.

*Please note that as a precautionary measure, torches and lighters are not pre-filled, butane gas is sold separately.

**Unfortunately, it is not possible to request a certain colour on our online store, kindly allow us to select one on your behalf.

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  • Ideal for lighting candles, cigarettes, open fires
  • Easy to refill with ordinary cigarette lighter gas
  • Ergonomic in use with 'good-grip' button
  • More safe with on/off switch and adjustable flame.
  • Height 23.0 cm
  • Width 3.0 cm
  • Depth 2.3 cm
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