Centellino Wine Aerator 125ml Gift Box

Handmade in Italy. The Centellino is Italy’s premier by the glass, wine decanter patented and lab certified. The Centellino is a 100% original mouth-blown Italian glass, top-of-the-bottle wine decanter and aerator.

The four-step process to the perfect glass. Wine or whiskey, Centellino graces your table by aerating and pouring the perfect portion of wine.

*Please note our Centellino aerator is approximately 100ml per pour. Kindly read product info for usage and care.

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  • Uncork the bottle of wine.
  • Carefully hold the “CENTELLINO”, by the wood of the larger stopper.
  • Insert by pressing on the wood stopper, not on the glass.
  • Once inserted, hold only the bottle for the rest of the steps.


  • Uncork the tube of “Centellino”.
  • Hold the bottle so that the “Centellino” is vertical with the reservoir underneath.
  • Fill the reservoir completely for a perfectly measured serving.


  • Rotate the bottle more than 90° to pour the wine.
  • The “Centellino” should be higher than the bottle.


  • Leave the “Centellino” in the bottle. It will preserve the wine, unaltered, and be ready for the next pour.
  • When finished, remove the “Centellino” by holding the wood of the larger stopper.
  • Never remove by holdiing the glass.


  • To clean the aerator, remove it gently from the bottle by the large wood stopper.
  • Wash it under warm water.
  • DO NOT PUT into the dishwasher.
  • Capacity: 125ml; 100ml per pour
  • Product code: C125/A
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