Cole & Mason Hachoir & Board

This beautifully crafted hachoir or mezzaluna, and board set has been designed for the curve of the blade to perfectly fit with the contour of the wooden board making light work of chopping. It is ideal for using with fresh herbs and other fragrant ingredients, such as garlic and chilli. The contour of the board not only helps to rock the blade gently back and forth but also prevents ingredients from spreading out and allows you to chop as coarsely or finely as you like. It is easy and safe to use, simply grip the double handles and let the dip of the board to help gently rock the blade. When paired together you can guarantee confident chopping skills that can be tricky to master with a knife as it allows you to stay in complete control and avoids fingers getting close to the sharp blade. When the hachoir is not in use fold the handles back over the blade for protection. The board can be used on either side; use the contoured side with the hachoir or flip over and use the flat side as a normal chopping board.

  • Comfortable and easy to grip folding handles
  • Handles are pivoted to help protect the bladeand make chopping motion easier
  • Stainless steel Hachoir blade
  • Stylish wooden beech oiled chopping board
  • Reversible if a flat surface is required
  • Recessed chopping area angled to match the Hachoir
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