Gefu Arc Rechargeable Lighter IGNITO

IGNITO – the modern way to light things up. This smart arc lighter works entirely without a flame and is suitable for all combustible materials. Its flexible gooseneck design makes it simple and convenient to reach awkward spots such as candle wicks or inglenook corners. NO FLAME, IT'S RECHARGEABLE!

The flameless IGNITO arc lighter works with electricity alone, using a spark passing between two electrodes. It recharges quickly and means you no longer need to buy lighter fuel, butane gas or disposable lighters any more – which saves money and is kind on the environment. IGNITO is perfect for lighting cigars, cigarettes, candles, tea lights, lanterns, gas ovens, camping stoves and all combustible materials. Its flexible gooseneck design allows you to use the lighter with no trouble at all even in hard-to-reach places such as the wicks of candles that have burned down deep, or far corners of the fireplace. IGNITO is charged like a mobile phone using the supplied USB cable. The lighter can be used up to 300 times on one charge. The perfect gift for anyone who gets all fired up by innovative ideas.

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  • Flameless, windproof, rechargeable
  • Long, flexible neck
  • Safety lock; switches off automatically after 7 seconds
  • LED charge indicator
  • Use up to 300 times before it needs recharging
  • Rechargable with a USB cable (20cm)
  • Metal / aluminium / die-cast zinc / plastic
  • Dimensions: Ø 1,5 cm, L 25,0 cm
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