kc-wooden-lemon-reamer - KitchenCraft Wooden Lemon Reamer
kc-wooden-lemon-reamer - KitchenCraft Wooden Lemon Reamer

KitchenCraft Wooden Lemon Reamer

Sometimes the simplest tools are the best for the job. With KitchenCraft’s wooden citrus reamer, there are no gimmicks – just a simple but extremely effective tool for juicing lemons, limes, oranges and other citrus fruits. This makes it a great choice for baking, cooking, cocktail making and other situations where you don’t need a whole jug-full of juice. Why drag a big electric juicer out of the cupboard and go to the trouble of scrubbing it down, when you only need a couple of tablespoons of juice? Instead, just grab this reamer, push it into your halved fruit, and twist! It’s sturdy, lightweight and reaches right into the fruit to extract maximum juice – what could be better for those quick juicing jobs?

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  • Handwash only 
  • Product Code : KCLEMONWDBULK
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