KitchenCraft Round Siliconised Baking Papers

Oh no! Not another bake stuck to the tin!" Sound familiar? What you need is KitchenCraft's Siliconised Baking Parchment Paper to put a stop to your baking woes!

They provide a simple solution to a problem that's blighted bakers for ages. All you have to do is line your small round cake pan or pie tin with one of these cake tin liners before baking. Each pack includes 100 baking paper circles manufactured from high quality siliconised parchment paper - ideal for regular home baking enthusiasts.

Unlike traditional greaseproof paper, silicone naturally has easy release properties. So, once baked, you can turn your fruit cakes, tartlets or pies out from the pan and pull these cake liners away in a flash. No need to worry about sticking. No need to worry about wrecking those perfect round shapes. And no need to worry about greasing beforehand.

But as well as stopping your bakes sticking, these siliconised baking papers also help with the washing up afterwards - in that there is none. You can simply throw them away when you've finished. Leaving you with more time to enjoy the sweet rewards of your hard work! Choose from 20cm or 23cm.


  • Includes 100 siliconised baking papers
  • Do not expose to direct heat sources
  • Designed for single use
  • Measure 20 cm (7 inches)
  • Product code: KCSILPAPRD8
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