Kuhn Rikon Corn Holders Set of 2

Summertime fun! Enjoy these cheerful sweetcorn holders or corn forks from Kuhn Rikon at your next outdoor party. This 2 piece set will keep your hands clean and cool while holding hot corn on the cob.

The soft, textured handles provide a secure grip, while the corkscrew tip are easy to insert and ensures the cob is firmly attached.

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  • Corkscrew tip holds corn securely
  • Soft, textured handles for a clean and comfortable grip
  • Set of 8 Corn Holders, makes 4 pairs
  • Stacks together for safety and convenience
  • Push and twist into the end of the cob
  • Heat-resistant holders can be inserted into the cob prior to cooking for easy serving.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Warning: Sharp point. Improper use may result in injury.
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