Mastrad Mousse & Sauce Whipper Siphon 0.5L

Sauces, creams, whipped cream, emulsions of fruits or vegetables, espumas … This siphon authorises all the culinary whims, including hot preparations: thanks to its ultra-resistant anodised aluminum structure, you can even use it in the bain-marie until 50°C. Smartly designed, the cartridge holder has a wedge notch to prevent it from rolling on the work plan. Designed with great care, each product undergoes a series of stringent tests.

Please note that chargers/cartridges are sold separately; only empty whippers are allowed flights, kindly check your country's restrictions.

+ -
  • Fully removable head
  • Comes with 3 different nozzles and 1 cleaning brush
  • Instructions and recipes included
  • Easy hand cleaning and dishwasher safe 
  • Preparations can be stored for several days
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