PME Edible Lustre Spray Silver 100ml

Create stunning Lustre effects with this easy to use Spray Lustre Colour. Add a wonderful new dimension of styling and elegance to your Celebration Cakes, Chocolates, Cupcakes, Cookies and Desserts.

Also use to highlight, enhance and decorate a wide range of decorative materials including: Sugarpaste, Chocolate, Butter cream, Almond Paste, Flower Paste and Gum Paste.

Note: Depth of colour can change depending on amount of spray applied. The recommended setting time before consumption is 4 hours.



  • Butane E943a; isobutane E943b; propane E944; ethyl alcohol; potassium aluminium silicate E555; flavour; titanium dioxide E171 ; iron oxide E172
  • Spray a thin and uniform layer from a distance of approximately 15 - 20cm (6 - 8 in)
  • Made in a factory that uses soya lecithin
  • This product is suitable for vegetarians & kosher certified
  • Volume: 100ml
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