Sugarflair Colours 100% Edible 24 Carat Gold Leaf Transfer

Add a touch of sparkle to your piece using real Gold Leaf. Apply by brushing the Gold Leaf onto sugarpaste which has been dampened, in the required area, using cooled, boiled water.

24 carat pure gold leaf, 100% edible, cut required shape, thinly brush icing surface with edible glue or confectioners glaze.

Has a variety of uses can be placed on cakes - sheet by sheet for a a beautiful luxury design or can be topped on deserts lightly scrunched adding instant elegance. Instructions are provided within packaging.

  • 100% edible
  • 24 carat gold leaf
  • Dimensions: 3¼” x 3¼” 
  • Product code: 5498
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