Westmark Cake Setting Ring With Scale

This Westmark cake setting ring offers excellent performance for the occasional baker. Engineered with an adjustable scale, this fabulous cake ring releases your baked goods with ease. Adjustable diameter from 16cm to 30cm.

To prepare your cake ring, simply wrap the base with tin foil lined with geaseproof paper. Watch the video below for instructions.

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  • Cake setting ring: get perfect cakes every time by using the Westmark cake setting ring. Great for baking, filling and layering
  • Practice: with the practical handles you can get just the size that you want every time.
  • Easy to clean: cleans up easily with water and soap
  • Adjustable: diameter adjustable 6.2"- 11.8" or 16cm - 30cm
  • Extra high 3.3" or 8.5cm
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