Wusthof Classic Knife Block 7pc Set

A set of professional quality kitchen knives from Wusthof, Germany. The Classic range knives have a traditional triple riveted handle.

Wusthof Trident knives are precision forged and manufactured using the latest laser and robot technologies to produce an excellent range of professional quality kitchen knives. They are perfectly balanced, with a full tang, an ergonomic handle and a durable, easily sharpened , corrosion resistant blade. The excellent quality of Wusthof Trident knives is the result of an exhaustive manufacturing process which includes over 40 separate and demanding steps - the style is easy to copy but the quality is not.

Special Offer

The set comprises 7 knives in a beech knife block

  • Classic Cooks Knife 20cm - 4582/20
  • Classic Carving/Utility Knife 16cm - 4522/16
  • Classic Bread Knife 20cm - 4149
  • Classic Paring Knife 8cm - 4000
  • Classic Paring Knife 10cm - 4066/10
  • Classic Sharpening Steel 23cm - 4461/23
  • Classic Kitchen Scissors - 5558
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