Wusthof Knife Sharpener

The easiest way to sharpen knives and to keep them sharp. This 2-stage pull-through, V-shaped Knife Sharpener with tungsten and ceramic steels is particularly suitable for those who do not feel comfortable using Sharpening Steels or Whetstones. With this Sharpener, the knife is simply drawn through the guiding notches a few times - the notch with tungsten steel is used for coarser sharpening (for blunt blades) while the ceramic notch is for fine sharpening (for coarsely sharpened or moderately-sharp blades) – and results are quickly achieved.

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  • Sythetic handle
  • 2-stage pull through, V-shaped
  • Tungsten steel for coarser sharpening (blunt blades)
  • Ceramic notch for fine sharpening (moderately sharp blades)


  • Product Code: 4347
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