Zeal Simply Silicone Piping Set

Icing a cake can be a messy affair without the correct tools. This piping bag will give you the precision and control required for a professional looking cake decorating finish and best of all, since it’s made from silicone and is non-stick, cleaning it couldn’t be easier. Perfect for hot, cold, sweet or savoury creations.

Set includes 1 easy to clean extra-large silicone icing bag and 5 durable icing nozzles for piping names, ribbons, swirls, shells and stars. Zeal silicone does not and it also stands up to high temperatures of food contact upto 482 F/ 250 C.

+ -
  • Decorate your own cakes
  • 5 nozzles for professional results
  • 1 extra-large flexible silicone bag for effortless piping
  • Perfect for shaping biscuits & savory toppings
  • Heat resistant upto 250 C / 480 F
  • Dishwasher safe
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