A Greener Kitchen – Little Changes to Make a Big Impact

A Greener Kitchen – Little Changes to Make a Big Impact

A Greener Kitchen – Little Changes to Make a Big Impact

The more we learn about the impact single use plastics and consumer habits have on the environment, the more eco-friendly products are becoming available. Old habits do die hard, but small ways such as swapping out disposable packaging and utensils for reusable or biodegradable options is a great first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Once you have your new reusable or eco-friendly products, what are some of the best ways to use them to really make an impact? Here is a list of some of our recent finds of local businesses and little habit-changing ideas to make the most of eco-friendly products to help your new habits kick in and stick long term! 


Sophie Allport Cheetah Folding Bag, be stylish while being green!

Green Groceries – Shopping & Storage 

Even at the start of your journey reducing waste, it is possible to make little changes straight away in trips to the regular supermarket, by bringing your own bag (BYOB). Now it is a common practice already, but if you are anything like some of us, sometimes getting to the checkouts could bring about sudden realisation that you have forgotten to bring a bag! You could use reminders by leaving a dedicated grocery bag hanging by the door, or in the boot of your car if you drive. If you are prone to unexpected grocery shopping trips, a fold up tote bag might be a solution. Small and handy enough to slip into the pocket, plus you will never find yourself bagless in a shop again!

To take actions a step further, start by looking for alternatives to your usual overly packaged products. Instead of recycling old jars and plastic tubs, see if you could save them, to reuse them as storage for something else. Then, armed with some storage jars, boxes and bags, it could really be a start to revolutionise how you shop. You would be surprised at how much easier it is to cut back on excess packaging once you know where to go. Most bakeries or fruit and veg shops would not mind customers bringing their own bags for some fresh bread or pastries, in fact, local businesses here are mindful of the environment and you could be playing a huge role in reducing landfills.

In addition to doing some shopping in local farmers' markets, such as the Temple Bar food market on Saturdays, some stalls offer an online delivery service. They have a fantastic range of package-free groceries, allowing you to shop with your own jars and containers. The first order may be packaged in brown paper bags or biodegradable bags, then upon delivery you could offer them your own receptacles to pack up your next order. 


Glass jars are great recycling options, be creative!


On the Go 

With reusable bottles and cups becoming the norm, in a huge range of styles, materials, and functions, it is easier than ever to cut single use cups and plastic out of your life. Whether it is something lightweight for the gym or office, or something durable and hardy for outdoor adventuring, there is really no reason to fall into the habit of disposable packaging on the drinks front!

Bringing your own cup to a takeaway coffee shop is no longer a hassle, with it even incentivised by many places so you could be savvy on cost and save the planet at the same time. And not just hot drinks, some juice bars offer a discount off their delicious juices and smoothies when you bring your own cup or bottle.

Just as with reusable bottles and coffee cups, finding a lunchbox you love is one of the easiest ways of reducing unnecessary waste. Glass, metal and plastic lunchboxes all make great options, depending on your needs – be it something you can microwave, or freeze, or even put into the oven. And they are not just for homemade lunches – most restaurants or takeaways would happily fill which ever lunchbox you give them, for a guilt free takeaway lunch. In certain restaurants, you would even be rewarded with a discount! 

Sometimes the hardest part of getting the use out of your reusable containers is those forgetful moments. It can be helpful to always keep them in your bag, to not miss out on last minute lunch or coffee plans. If your bag is already verging on being too full, space saving ideas like Joseph Joseph's lunchboxes or the collapsible cups from Stojo could be the answer.


Stojo Collapsible Cups in an Assortment of Colours!


In the Kitchen – Sustainable Baking, Entertaining & Washing Up

Taking a look at the everyday tools in your kitchen and swapping them for more eco-friendly products can make big differences over time. As mentioned earlier, ditching disposable food containers used to freeze portions, or package edible gifts, for reusable plastic, glass or metal containers is easy enough to do with a little planning.

For those times when you do use a disposable container – times when you are gifting someone your delicious baking and worrying about never seeing that favourite tin or dish again – look into biodegradable options. Biodegradable pie dishes, loaf tins, and baking cases are perfect alternatives to single-use foil dishes! Planning a party and using straws? Try looking into recyclable paper, glass or stainless steel alternatives, and for outdoor events, swappng disposable plastic forks for ones made from bamboo could help protect our biodiversity.

Here is a healthy option to reduce your carbon footprint – why not try serving more vegetarian or vegan food at the next get together? Look up recipes online, from the likes of The Happy Pear, Deliciously Ella, The Avant Garde Vegan - or treat yourself to a new cookbook

Washing up after a big dinner can be stressful enough, without thinking of ways to reduce the environmental impact. However, replacing old plastic brushes with bamboo and wooden ones, looking into replaceable heads instead of plastic, and forfeiting artificial sponges for natural ones, or a reusable scrubbing mat are stress-free ways to make a difference.


Plastics made up 85% of ocean pollution!


Every Drop Makes a Cleaner Ocean

We are a victim of our own actions and always too consume with our busy lifestyles to take note of our surroundings, but it is never too late to start now. Green efforts are not measureable by the amount we put in, nor is it measureable by how we do it, we should not even have to measure it. It should be an instinctive nature in all of us. There are many ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, there is no one best way. At the end of the day, all contributions toward a better sustainable environment, be it great or small is a joint effort. Here at The Kitchen Whisk, we try our very best to constantly challenge ourselves to be more environmentally conscious. If you like to know more about our sustainable products, call in to us and we will be happy to assist you on your journey towards a healthier green planet. Remember, a little step goes a long way.






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